Rope Rescue Technician Level 1

Rope Rescue Technician Level 1

SIERRA International Medical Training Solutions are proud to present you the Rope Rescue Technician Program. Our rope rescue programs are done in collaboration with SAR United Kingdom and also Legion Malaysia.

Our Rope Rescue Technician Program, will equipped the participants with standards to identify and establish level of functional capability for efficient and effectively conducting operations at technical search and rescue incidents while minimizing threats to rescuers (NFPA 1006,1670).

This is a comprehensive program where participants will also learn on fall management intervention and also the proper way of casualty extrication.


Durations: 3 days program.

This is a 3 days program designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to work safely in performing their required task. It consists of lectures, practical-based and scenario-based training to meet our client’s specific needs.


Our Trainers

Our professional trainers comes with a wealth of real life rescue experiences and are competent in dealing in technical rescues in various kind of environment and industries. Having trained in the United Kingdom, our trainers are also professionally trained firefighters and emergency medical technicians. SIERRA will assure that training will be conducted professionally without compromising the safety of participants.


Program Applications

Rope rescue is the foundation for all technical rescues where the patient is located at a different level or grade than rescuer access, or a different level or grade from transport to a medical facility.

This Rope Rescue Technician Program can be applied to:

  • Slope
  • High and low angle
  • Confine space
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Wilderness
  • Cliff
  • Land
  • Towers
  • Vessels
  • Silos
  • Offshore structures and onshore structures
  • Drill rigs



Training Objectives

  • Provide participants with legislation and standards for rope rescue application.
  • Provide students with knowledge to identify, inspect and the maintenance of rope rescue equipment
  • Provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform high angle rope rescue safely and proficiently.
  • Provide students with the critical knowledge of trauma and spinal management for fall victim.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge through demonstrations and realistic scenario-based training.