Standard First Aid, CPR and AED Program.

Standard First Aid, CPR and AED Program.

Standard First Aid, CPR and AED program helps to prepare the employees in your organization or citizens in times of emergencies be it medical or trauma incidents which involves injuries. The course focuses on key life-saving skills, provides opportunity to learn first aid for the most common injuries and emergency medical situations, and is under pinned by evidence based studies.


Course Durations:

This a 2 days program. It involves lectures and hands on skills.


Who should attend:

This program is suitable for all.


Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to First AID
  2. Safe Manual Handling of Casualty
  3. First Aid Equipment
  4. Infection Control
  5. Emergency Action Plan
  6. Casualty Assessment
  7. Moving the Injured Victim
  8. Bandaging Techniques
  9. Management of minor medical and trauma incidents
  10. Certification on CPR skills and techniques
  11. Certification of AED use.


 Upon Completion of Course:

Participants will received:

  1. International Certificate in Standard First AID, CPR and AED (Valid for 2 years)